Can I Get Great Self-Serve BI Tools WITH R Integration?

Is There a BI Tool that Integrates R Script?

‘R’ is not just a letter in the alphabet! R is a programming language, offered in a free software environment that supports analysts, IT and data scientists in doing tasks that require statistical computing. The R language is very popular and is used in many organizations around the world to support statistical analysis and data mining. When a business implements a business intelligence solution, IT staff, data analysts and data scientists are often put into a quandary. The enterprise is actively using and benefiting from R but the BI tool the business selected forces them to choose between tools to get the job done.



If your team has this problem, you can take heart because there is BI reporting software and Self Service Business Intelligence that allows R users to leverage their favorite tool within the business intelligence software without missing a beat!

This Business Intelligence Solution integrates seamlessly with R and allows users to integrate any R script with input and output configuration both to and from R script and the business intelligence solution. Users have access to a full suite of self-serve visualization and analytical tools to present and share results from R script in a report, on a dashboard, with interactive graphs, and in ad hoc reporting, cross-tab reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). Data scientists and business analysts do not need extensive training or knowledge to use the BI tool, or to leverage the R script integration.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? The last thing an enterprise wants to o is to lose its investment of time and energy in an existing tool – one that the team loves and uses often. If you want to move forward with data democratization, analytical initiative AND ensure that your users can continue to leverage and enjoy the advantages of R, you can start here: Integrated BI Tools

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