New iOS 15 Offers New Development Opportunities!

Maybe you’ve heard. Apple has released its operating systems upgrade  – the new and improved iOS 15. This new operating system includes upgrades to existing features and some new features and technology, all of which offer new opportunities for business applications and consumer apps for the market.

The list of new features and functionality is too long to cover here, but we will offer a few ideas, meant to get your business thinking about how to use this upgrade to improve productivity and to create new mobile apps that will build on the new technology.

The Translator – This expanded translation capability begs to be used by governments, non-profits, event planners, global project teams, and those working in travel or hospitality, as well as any vertical industry or business function that needs to quickly and easily communicate in multiple languages. The Apple Translate and Live Translate features allow users to translate text contained in any application on their Apple device.

Weather and Notes – These capabilities can be applied to apps that focus on weather or geographic positioning and would be particularly useful for businesses working in logistics and delivery, agriculture, outdoor event planning, and parks and recreation. Developers can create displays and graphs showing weather details, projected weather conditions, rainfall, etc.

SpotLight – This is a new feature that allows businesses to need to find and organize interactions and information about a person, an employee or a customer with intelligent searching that leverages voice commands, textual query or images. Businesses working in customer service or sales can view information about recent purchases, personal dates of importance like work anniversaries, all email, inquiries, photos and information related to a customer or a team member. This type of functionality can be useful to clergy, organizations and associations, health care providers, therapists, schools and universities and other community functions and associations.

The Digital Wallet – Those who have used the iOS know the Apple Wallet well. The new features here expand capability and provide more tools for productivity and finance management. Banks, credit unions, loan organizations and others can provide secured online payments, history of transactions, and stored debit and credit cards and users can transfer funds using Apple Cash. Businesses that offer security products and smart products for the home, as well as businesses that wish to leverage contactless payment opportunities can use these new features. Apps designed to provide ticketing and entry to museums, amusement parks, and entertainment venues can also leverage these tools, and developers can integrate third-party apps to offer gift and loyalty cards and discounts within the app.

If your business wants to take advantage of the new features and functionality in Apple iOS 15, you’ll need an expert mobile application development partner, one with the iPhone App Development Technical Skills, and Mobile Application Development Services to suit your needs. Contact Us to today our experts can help you achieve your goals.