You know how people like to invent new words today? The Miriam Webster dictionary releases a list of new words added to the dictionary every year. If I wasn’t a tech geek, I might think Joomla was a new dance. Fortunately, I DO know what Joomla means! Joomla is a popular, award-winning, PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) solution.
Joomla Developers can use this solution to create business applications and CMS sites with graphical interfaces to run on a web server in the form of a web page. Joomla website development projects can be deployed on nearly any operating system or platform and the Joomla framework provides lots of tools for web designers and Joomla developers to efficiently create CMS sites and give you and your team the ability to easily manage these sites after implementation.


An expert Joomla website development team can create portals and Joomla developers can build complex and simple sites to manage database driven content, quickly create, edit and publish website content so you can keep your site fresh, current and relevant. With a skilled Joomla website development partner you can create department portals, document management systems, blogs, auction sites, intranet collaborative sites, galleries, partner network sites, training and event management sites, polls and surveys, club and association sites, payment systems and many other types of CMS sites.

Joomla may not be the newest dance craze but in the hands of an expert Joomla Developer, it CAN enable a great business website or CMS site. Go with a company that is experienced in Joomla Website Development and in Content Management Systems. Get in touch at for more…