Stay on Track with Business User Access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)!

The days of managing a business by opinion or ‘gut feeling’ are long past. Every business has competition – whether local or global or both and the only way to know that the business is performing against objectives and goals and is strategically competitive is to use measurable goals.

Metrics take the guesswork out of business management and, when these metrics are accessible to all business users in a self-serve, modern business intelligence framework, every team member is on the same page and can perform against metrics and monitor those metrics to ensure success. Expanding those tools to allow users to drill down and through data and to produce and share clear reports will allow the business to quickly understand the root cause of a problem or identify an opportunity and, where appropriate, to adjust metrics.

With the right BI tools, users can define KPI with an easy to use, powerful expression engine and set polarity, frequency, and threshold levels using a browser based interface. The business can establish and monitor KPIs at the individual, team, department, division and company level. Defined KPIs are not limited to static monitoring but rather are dynamic so that businesses can gain meaningful insight into results and adapt in real-time. KPI Analytics provide interactive options to change frequencies, dimension break downs and drill down to further analyze trends, and reasons for performance and to identify and solve problems.

If you want a solid foundation to measure and manage your results, choose a business intelligence solution that allows every user to see and to clearly understand key performance indicators and to manage tasks and activities to achieve measurable goals and objectives. Here’s where to start: Multidimensional KPI

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