If you are a Volusion customer, and you are currently using the Volusion solution for your eCommerce store or online shopping cart, you will be pleased to know that you can use the solution to create a FaceBook store wherein you can sell your products and services. Volusion customers will be pleased to know that there is no additional licensing fee or charge for this product extension. Combining eCommerce with social media, internet marketing and social media marketing is a crucial part of online sales today and this integration enables up selling and cross-channel marketing campaigns. If your business has a license for the Volusion eCommerce solution, it is worth your while to explore the opportunities provided by the FaceBook store extension. Your Volusion developers can leverage the solution to design and create a professional store with numerous selling and marketing features, and you will not incur any additional software licensing fees.


The benefits of this Volusion/FaceBook store integration are numerous:

  1. Create and promote discounts, promotions and a ‘deal of the day’ on your FaceBook page or for promotion across social media sites.
  2. Monitor and manage promotions and measure the success of these campaigns to make better decisions about products, pricing and future campaigns and promotions.
  3. Design and launch a FaceBook store quickly and easily with flexible features and functionality that enable fresh content and easy updates.
  4. Start with a template or have your Volusion designers and developers create a custom template that promotes your corporate brand and image.
  5. Present a consistent, integrated online marketing campaign that complements your Volusion site to leverage your marketing budget and resources.
  6. Leverage search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay-per-click techniques for target audiences within the FaceBook social media environment.

ECommerce is a critical component of today’s marketing campaigns and sales initiatives but, in a continuously shrinking budget and resource environment, the integration of offline and online marketing and sales is crucial to business success. Volusion customers can easily take advantage of the free FaceBook store features to further extend and optimize resources and investment and reach the demographic and geographic business targets to improve the bottom line and achieve strategic goals. The competitive advantage of this type of integrated approach is one that will reap many benefits for the business and the visibility, popularity and success of its products and services.