Mobile BI Encourages Collaboration and Social Business Intelligence!

If you are looking for a business intelligence solution, be sure to consider the Mobile BI factor. Mobile business intelligence is a necessity in today’s business environment. With so many users working from home, on the road or working after hours, it is critical to provide users with real time BI tools that can be used on any type of smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with seamless resolution and performance.

The emergence of Social Business Intelligence and collaboration is encouraged and expanded by Mobile BI Tools. Business users are, after all, the same consumers who use Google, social media and other tools and apps and these users want the same type of sharing and collaboration in business intelligence and analytics. When a business provides Social BI, business intelligence and analytics in an environment designed to allow users to rank, share and re-purpose analysis and reporting, it improves productivity and optimizes data.

Data analysis for business is easy enough for business users and will add real insight and fact-based decision-making to the business environment to democratize data and improve data literacy.

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