Mobile BI Tools: Users are Front and Center on the Road!

Mobile BI Tools Don’t Stop at the Front Door of Your Business!

Where is your business intelligence? It is in the very core, veins and spine of your business and that crucial data you need is in every corner and every data repository. If you haven’t employed the benefits of mobile business intelligence, you are tying the hands of your managers and business users.



No matter how large or small your business is, no matter what industry you are in, pretty much every business has staff on the road. If your staff isn’t on the road, your staff is probably working before they hit the office, after they leave the office, on weekends and even on holidays, and pretty much every user has a variety of devices, from notebooks, tablets and laptops to desktops, smart phones and even smart watches. Without a Mobile Business Intelligence Tool, you can’t expect your team to have access to the crucial information they need to make decisions. They may have isolated or restricted data access to certain applications and data but what they really need is a mobile business intelligence dashboard that will allow them the ability to respond to urgent requests, gather and analyze data in an easy-to-use, high-performance environment that will not frustrate them or make them wait.

What that means is that the Mobile BI Software must give them access to data integrated from disparate data sources and allow them to share information, create reports, and perform sophisticated analysis without the specialized skills of a data scientist. If you want to solve problems before they wreak havoc on the enterprise, if you want to identify and capitalize on opportunities before your competitors beat you to the punch, you have to have the right tools and those tools have to be available to your users when and how they need them.

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