Volusion shopping cart

Volusion means twisting and turning. Volition means willing, choosing or resolving. Volusion is an eCommerce package that stops you from twisting and turning and helps you choose a solution that will resolve your problems. Clever, eh? Who said my sense of humor had failed?Volusion can give you a powerful online store, shopping cart and web store environment suitable for even the most complex online sales applications. Volusion offers a rich tool set and framework to efficiently create powerful, feature-rich ecommerce solutions and websites. The framework can also be used to create a simple shopping cart and its hosted, supported tools and environs provide numerous opportunities for an enterprise to engage in online sales. Volusion offers ready-made templates that can be quickly configured to support numerous sales activities.


A skilled Volusion expert might be called a Voluspert. He or she can create a customized design and portal application, or a shopping cart that is user-friendly, pleasing to the eye, and functional enough to satisfy even the most demanding ecommerce needs. The Volusion solution (hey, that rhymes!) can include any configuration of a shopping cart, integration with payment gateways, shipping systems, and integration with other internal systems like ERP or CRM, as well as customized discount coupon implementation and much more.

Now that you know what Volusion can do for you, are you ready to find a Voluspert? I’ve got the inside scoop! Take a tour of Volusion eCommerce or email info@elegantmicroweb.com and stop the volution NOW!