Don’t Settle! Industry Specific BI Tools Are Available Today!

No Expensive Customization! Out-of-the-Box Business Analytics for YOUR Industry!

No matter how large or small your business, no matter whether your business is fifty years old or a start-up, you need business intelligence software today to maintain a competitive advantage and to establish a collaborative culture with data democratization. But your needs are unique. That is true of every business and every industry. So, how do you get what you need without expensive customization. How do you quickly and easily implement business intelligence tools with no extensive training and cost impact?



What you really need is true out-of-the-box Business Analytics that you can implement quickly and that will begin to pay dividends in rapid return on investment (ROI) and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Enjoy ready to use Business Intelligence to meet the needs of your business function and industry. Out-of-the-box BI templates include meta data definitions, dashboards, KPIs and reports, designed to fit the needs of your industry and give you a quick start. If your team or organization has specific Data Analytics needs for a specific industry, do not despair! expectations. You can get ready-to-use BI tools and solutions to jump start your business intelligence initiative and transform your business users into Citizen Data Scientists.

If your business wants to reap the benefits of fact-based decision making, data sharing and collaboration, you can get started right away with Out-of-the-Box Industry BI Tools.

Original Post: Don’t Settle! Industry Specific BI Tools Are Available Today!