BE the Pied Piper with High Performance Internet Marketing


What do the Pied Piper and Internet Marketing have in common? My tech partner describes internet marketing as ‘the art of subtle, non-intrusive, high visibility’. I like that description because it says, in a nutshell, what every business wants to achieve with marketing. We want our customers to see us and consider our products and services. We want them to prefer our services and products and buy what we are selling BUT we do not want them to perceive us as ‘in their face’ and they don’t have to endure high pressure sales or obnoxious marketing techniques.


When you think of internet marketing, you think of search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay-per-click among other things but the importance of the approach is sometimes lost on an organization. We all understand that we have to integrate marketing channels and have a web presence, social media ads and other techniques to encourage traffic and sales but sometimes we forget how crucial it is to understand our customer buying behavior (how, when, where and why they buy) and to introduce our products and services with consistent branding and image, in a way that is interesting and intriguing enough to bring the customer to our site or our store.

So, here’s where the Pied Piper enters the picture. Internet Marketing is the Pied Piper of today! It calls customers and makes them want to follow us to a destination to hear more about what we have to offer. Your marketing team may be excited about the opportunities presented by Internet Marketing but, in order to do this right, you need domain expertise, in-depth knowledge of all internet marketing techniques and channel integration and a comprehensive understanding of all of the trade-offs, insights and research. So, get with my tech partner and get it done: Internet Marketing