Give Business Users BI Analytics and Watch What Happens!

BI Dashboards Can Make Your Users More Productive!

BI dashboard is no longer the sole domain of a business intelligence analyst or data scientist. When a business implements a mobile, self-serve BI tool, it ensures that its business users and team members will have access to critical analytical tools in the office and on the road.



Users can share business intelligence and receive reports and alerts, dive deep into data to identify issues before they become problems and identify business opportunities, testing new pricing strategies and considering new locations, customer demographics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the success of marketing and advertising campaigns – just to name a few topics. BI Analytics is based on complex analytical techniques and algorithms but it need not be difficult to use.

With the advent of easy-to-use systems and a flood of online, integrated data sources, business users are accustomed to getting detailed information and completing tasks easily so they can get on with the other important aspects of their day. When it comes to business applications, these users will bring their experience as consumers into the workplace and demand ease-of-use, intuitive analytical tools and smart data visualization tools that make their analysis clear and concise. Tools like self-serve data preparation and assisted predictive analysis provide guidance, recommendations and auto-suggestions so users do not have to spend time wondering if they are using the right techniques to get the best outcome.

If your business is like most, your market is changing rapidly and your users do not have the time to deliver report and analytical requirements to IT or to an analyst and wait days or weeks for reports to be produced, only to discover that they forgot a critical parameter or that the information does not include data from a crucial dataset.

Allowing your business users to apply their own core business knowledge and skill to Data Analytics and to use this Business Intelligence on a daily basis provides numerous benefits to the team member and to the business.

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