A Cost-Effective Business Intelligence Solution for Every User!

Server-Based BI Tools Pricing with No Sticker Shock!

We all know the frustration of seeing something you really like, something you really need and then finding out that the price is not as low as you thought. Whether it is an item of clothing or those concert tickets with all the service fees added on, you know what I am talking about.



When it comes to Business Intelligence Solutions and advanced analytics, nearly every enterprise is feverishly working on data democratization and self-serve initiatives with an eye toward giving business users more empowerment and inspiring more accountability, more productivity and more accurate decisions. BUT, when it comes time to choose the product and begin the actual process of implementation, those same enterprises may face sticker shock.

Just like that automobile in the commercial – you know the one with all the options like a wood paneled dashboard, heated seats and a surround sound system – the one that costs four times as much as the basic model…well, pricing for BI Tools can actually result in the same kind of sticker shock.

You know that data democratization initiative you are so excited about – the one that includes hundreds of users? Wait till you see the user pricing on that business intelligence solution you like so well! That can blow your ROI and TCO out of the water.

How about an elegant, sophisticated, easy-to-use, Mobile BI Solutions that has a server-based pricing model? Wouldn’t that be nice? No per seat pricing. No adding and counting users. The pricing is simple, transparent and unbeatable!

If that sounds good to you (and to your manager) and, if that type of pricing would ease your budget woes, I have the answer for you. Here it is: Download ElegantJ BI

Original Post: A Cost-Effective Business Intelligence Solution for Every User!