self-serve data-prep

Self-Serve is all the buzz! Whether you are checking yourself out at a grocery store, ordering your pizza in advance, reserving a seat in a restaurant, driving your car through the car wash or checking out at the hardware store, you just want to do it and get it done! Time is of the essence and usually you are the best person to decide what you need and when you need it. Am I right?


So…when it comes to business intelligence, why not democratize BI with self-serve data preparation tools? If and when a strategic decision has to be made, you can push the task to analysts, data scientists or IT but just imagine how much more smoothly your everyday business would run, how much better your average decisions would be, if your business users could serve themselves! People know how to do their jobs. What they need is up to date information in a way that is easy to digest and format. If you can bring together data from multiple systems and databases and allow users appropriate access and easy-to-use tools to create and share reports, you can ensure that they are using the right information at the right time and that the recommendations they make and the decisions that drive the business will be more accurate and effective.

No more delays, no more out-of-date or incomplete information. Everyone is on the same page. Everyone is empowered and accountable for decisions and, best of all, the work is done in a timely, productive manner with great ROI and TCO. If that sounds good to you, it might be time to find out more about Self-Serve Data Preparation, Advanced Data Discovery and Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis and see how it can help your organization and users.

Original Source – Self-Serve Data Prep Puts Users on the Same Page