Enjoy the Benefits of Self Service BI!

Self Service Business Intelligence For Your Team!

There are many benefits to self-service business intelligence and business analytics. Many (in fact most) enterprises are going to a self service BI environment that will increase the value of each team member by providing them with easy-to-use BI tools that they can leverage to make decisions, to understanding issues, to share data and plan for the future and to find business opportunities.



Business Analytics Tools offer flexible, personalized tools that allow every business user to manage their particular role and skill set so they can do their job to the best of their ability.

Business Analytics Software can help your business solve problems, identify market and competitive trends, establish new price points, introduce new products, anticipate changes in customer buying behavior, identify new business locations and plan for business investment.

Without the assistance of IT or data scientists, business users can employ computational linguistics, analytical algorithms and data mining in with natural language processing and search analytics to support data democratization and enhance the value of every team member.

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Original Post: Enjoy the Benefits of Self Service BI!