SMEs Can Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part II Integration and Consolidation

In Part I of this article series, we discussed the opportunities provided by integrating the Tally ERP accounting and inventory management solution with business intelligence reporting capabilities to enable flexible integrated visualization, and analysis so that the company can continue to use Tally ERP and leverage data from the Tally solution and other systems and solutions within the enterprise. Part II of this series of articles will focus on data integration and consolidation.To successful compete in your market you must be able to leverage the critical data in Tally ERP, in CRM systems, various spreadsheets and in other enterprise solutions. But, when a small business grows, it finds itself mired in technology solutions, including best-of-breed solutions, legacy systems, spreadsheets and other data sources. A flexible business intelligence solution must allow for easy, intuitive integration of all data sources and simple analysis and display of that data.


Small to Medium sized businesses do not have the time or money to engage in expensive customization of packaged solutions or to accommodate customization whenever a software or technology patch, upgrade or migration is planned. With the right BI solution integration, the business can easily adapt to system changes and upgrades without a negative impact on its data access and analysis capabilities.

A business intelligence tool that provides a one-stop, integrated view of data from all enterprise solutions, systems and databases, as well as spreadsheets and other data sources, will allow the enterprise to easily and affordably optimize data analysis and to continue to use a plethora of systems, frameworks and platforms without the expense of changing vendors or systems. This kind of powerful integration, coupled with an intuitive user interface and simple BI tools ensures that users will not have to learn a complex system to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a business intelligence solution and that the company will experience low TCO and rapid ROI and user adoption.

Tally Solutions provides an easy, affordable accounting and inventory system that customers love and enables a small to medium sized (SME) business to capture and manage critical data. As the enterprise grows and requirements become more complicated, there is a growing need for business intelligence and an integrated environment that supports every user need without the assistance of a programmer or analyst. The business must focus on a solution that will integrate data from disparate sources and present it in a way that allows users to customize views and analyze data without sacrificing data continuity or losing critical information. By acquiring an integrated BI solution, the business can better leverage Tally ERP and other existing solutions. When an SME implements and deploys an integrated business intelligence solution, it can satisfy business needs now and in the future, with features and software architecture that will support growth and change in an ever-shifting market.