SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part III Mobile Access

SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI - Part III Mobile Access

In Parts I and II of this article series, we discussed the Tally Solutions, Tally ERP accounting and inventory management software used by small to medium sized businesses on the Indian subcontinent, in the Middle East, Far East, and Africa and other countries around the world. Part I of the series discussed the addition of an integrated business intelligence tool to expand and optimize reporting capabilities and better leverage the features of Tally ERP without having to upgrade to a larger, more expensive solution. Part II of the series focused on the benefits of using a business intelligence solution to bring together and integrate data from numerous enterprise systems including Tally ERP in order to optimize the IT landscape within the enterprise and provide an integrated one-stop view of data that can be customized by users. Part III of this article series focuses on the importance of providing a mobile solution that is accessible to users on the road and in the office.


As a business grows, it must achieve true business management and take a business intelligence view of the enterprise. At this pivotal time in a company’s growth, it would be wise to consider the use of a flexible business intelligence solution that can provide accessible, mobile data visualization, analysis and flexibility so that the company can leverage critical information from Tally ERP and other systems and solutions within the enterprise.

Expanding businesses typically add other software to manage financials, sales, marketing, inventory, payroll, purchasing, HR, supply chain and more. With the expansion of this technical landscape, businesses often find it difficult to manage the sheer volume and diversity of data and to use this data in a meaningful way. Added to these issues is the need for user-friendly, secured access to data from mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and desktops. In order to be productive, and ensure that problems and issues are resolved in a timely manner, users must have a suitable view of data, no matter which device they are using, and no matter the size of the screen.

Providing a mobile solution with data integrated from Tally and other data sources ensures that users have a consolidated, one-stop view of data and can assess results and make confident decisions. When a small or medium sized business (SME) outgrows its solutions, the issue of mobility is often tops on the list. A software package that is only accessible from within the walls of the enterprise or one that restricts and limits the way in which a user can view or display data, those limitations and restrictions can negatively affect productivity and business results.
When a Tally Solutions customer needs mobile, secured user access, the business should consider an integrated business intelligence solution. An integrated BI solution allows users to leverage Tally ERP and other existing solutions, in an intuitive, user-friendly, mobile business intelligence environment, and effectively protect its technology investments while providing the flexibility for future growth and needs.