SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part IV Data Mining and Personalization

SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI - Part IV Data Mining and Personalization

As an SME business grows, it must achieve true business management and take a business intelligence view of the enterprise. This comprehensive view requires more than the Tally ERP solution can offer in the way of data mining or user personalization. Part I of this series of articles focused the issues a small to medium sized (SME) business faces as its reporting requirements become more complex and the need for flexibility increases. In Part II of the series, we discussed the benefits of integrating data from Tally ERP and other enterprise solutions into a single view within a BI system. Part III of the article series focused on the importance of providing this integrated information with mobile access for users on all types of devices. Part IV of this series will focus on the importance of data mining and creating a personalized user environment.


As an enterprise expands, it typically adds software and technology to manage financials, sales, marketing, inventory, payroll, purchasing, HR, supply chain and more. With a plethora of data sources, data mining becomes nearly impossible, and as the technical landscape expands, businesses often find it difficult to manage the sheer volume and diversity of data and to compile, filter, sort and analyze this data in a meaningful way. Add to this, the fact that every user wants to see data in a different way in order to analyze information as it relates to their role or function within the enterprise.

Small to Medium sized businesses need the same kind of information as a large enterprise. Working within an environment that provides objective metrics is critical to making good decisions. If a user can leverage Tally ERP and other solutions to view and drive results, users can remove obstacles and measure performance to take the business to the next level. They can enjoy visual data mining, personalized dashboards, graphical mining and other tools that provide snapshots of the business and identify patterns and trends, thereby enabling exception reporting and management. When an SME provides its users with a BI solution that is easy to personalize (without the help of a programmer or analyst) the user can build a dashboard and metrics to objectively measure the performance of a department, team or individual. When a user can view data from Tally ERP and other solutions in an integrated display, they can leverage features like data extraction, transformation and cube management and graphical OLAP and cross-tab OLAP to analyze results, find the root cause of problems and identify trends and patterns to improve business results and market and competitive response.

When a Tally ERP customer uses integrated business intelligence tools, it can complement and support a diverse set of software solutions and capitalize on its technology investments without expensive solution implementation, lengthy training or frustrated users. By acquiring an integrated BI solution, the business can better leverage Tally ERP and other existing solutions and provide sophisticated data mining tools that are easy to use and simple to personalize, thereby improving user accountability and empowerment and the credibility and effectiveness of business decisions.