Social BI Tools? Socialize Data Analysis and Improve Results

Social BI: Engenders Networking and Collaboration and Provides Many Benefits!

Have you heard of Social BI? If you haven’t, you should really look into it. Your business users are used to social networking and the sharing of data and information in their personal life and at work and business intelligence applications should not be an exception to this data sharing.



Social BI tools can benefit the business in ways you may not have considered. First, social business intelligence will make your users more productive and will help them to improve their skills and to become a better asset to the company. Organizations that embrace social business intelligence tools find that power users develop creative ways to marry and analyze data will share reports, formats and data analysis techniques with other users, thereby illustrating better ways to perform advanced analytics and offering other users a way to improve their skills. This sharing results in ‘data popularity’ and crosses the organization to improve results and increase collaboration.

But, there is another, perhaps less obvious, benefit to the organization and that is that the IT and analytical teams can begin to see patterns, trends and workflow within this data popularity and can better serve the business users and the enterprise by creating reports, formats and process flows that support the way users prefer to see and use data. This dynamic illustration of user preference and data flow enables the business to make better use of its data AND its users and provides a competitive advantage, improved productivity and better ROI and TCO for BI tools.

If you need this kind of integrated work process and data flow, you can find the right resources here: Social BI