Engage an IT Partner with Flexible Delivery Models

Offshore, Onsite or Hybrid Delivery Models Ensure Quality Software Services!

One of the many considerations of engaging expert IT consulting services is your comfort level with how the services are delivered. Some businesses are perfectly fine with offshore outsourcing and some are not. Some are OK with a percentage of offshore work but would like to have the expert team more integrated into their own team in order to achieve their goals.



Whatever your needs, you should not have to settle just to get the help you need. When you look for an IT consulting partner for app development,  Mobile App Development,  Custom Software Development for a software product, software re-engineering, Ux design, or any other project or need, be sure to look for an experienced, skilled partner that has flexible delivery models to suit your needs.

The right suite of delivery models should transcend and ensure quality with ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified processes that are designed to deliver results within the prescribed time and budget, and are proven and well tested with many clients, over a period of many years and projects.

‘The Offshore Delivery Model is ideal for clients who want Offshore Software Development because they do not have enough IT staff for a particular project and require skilled, responsive resources, and cost–effective scalability. This model is also suitable for support, maintenance, or research projects.

The Onsite Delivery Model is perfect for repetitive or open–ended projects that require close coordination with the client. In this model, the client is assigned one or more dedicated professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge. This team will remain onsite for a particular phase of the project, or for the entire project, as is appropriate to the unique requirements of the client and the nature of the project assignment.

A Hybrid Delivery Model combines the best of both worlds. Elements of the offshore and onsite delivery models are incorporated to provide unique development, programming, project management, business software support or maintenance services in a way that specifically addresses the client project and needs. The onsite and offshore development team members work collaboratively to ensure that all tasks are performed in a timely and affordable fashion and in a way that provides, quality, value and focus to the client.

If you want the best IT consulting services, delivered in a way that suits your unique needs,

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