When last we saw Mr. Singh in ( The Story of Mr. Singh – Part One: BPO Project Success Driven by Business Intelligence), he had been transformed from an overwhelmed team leader to a hero. With the help of his friend, Raghav (an IT pro who worked in the same building) and a sophisticated, intuitive business intelligence solution, Mr. Singh helped his company to sign a lucrative contract with a client and managed to get himself a promotion in the bargain. Today, Mr. Singh uses a mobile, affordable, practical Business Intelligence solution to manage and monitor all of the data from his projects, his budget, his team resources and more!


Service Levels: The integrated BI solution helps him measure and deliver on the promise in the call center SLAs.

Call Resolution: The information gathered enterprise systems is presented in the BI solution to help him measure the outcome of each call and determine how many contacts and cycles it takes to resolve a customer issue.

Average Handling Time: The BI solution helps him measure how quickly an agent completes the call, and resolves the customer issue and whether his team is adhering to the specifications of the SLA.

Calls in Queue Metrics: Business Intelligence helps Mr. Singh to determine how many calls were in the queue at a particular time and how many were lost.

Customer Satisfaction: BI analysis helps the team to measure the campaign results and the service quality from the customer’s perspective.

Mr. Singh (and all of the professionals in the BPO service company where he works) can now rank, sort, filter and perform other monitoring and management operations with click through, and drag and drop ease. They can highlight the top performers on their team and identify and train those who do not perform well. They can anticipate resource and facilities requirements, and easily manage sales performance for promotions, events customer service inquiries. Mr. Singh’s friend, Raghav also showed him how to create a personalized Dashboard so he can see a snapshot of his team’s performance.

The publishing feature of the business intelligence tool allows Mr. Singh to push daily reports to his clients so he can spend his time on critical issues that require his attention and let the system do the work of reporting, publishing and sharing.

Creating and analyzing reports no longer takes days or weeks. Mr. Singh can prepare appropriate, concise, clear presentations in a few minutes, and changes in the analysis or report requirements can be made easily based on management or client questions or requests.

Mr. Singh knows that there will always be business issues to address, but he is no longer buried by burdensome reporting requirements and he never questions whether he has the right information, or whether his information is complete or current. Thanks to his friend, Raghav, Mr. Singh has an effective reporting, analysis, and monitoring too that has become a vital part of his outsourcing company and his career success.

Outsourcing, like many other business types and industries, is all about cost efficiency. With the industry and technology advances, companies who choose to outsource back-office activities increasingly expect flexibility, timely services, and direct quality control. Quality improvement processes are a key component of every industry and business today, and Mr. Singh knows his team must provide quality service to their clients if they want to survive and thrive in a competitive market. It is all about clear vision, and building a performance-driven culture that ensures company success.

Whether you are in the business of business process outsourcing, IT consulting, healthcare, legal services, retail, public or private sector, the desire to improve and go beyond enterprise reporting will drive results and help your business to realize the true benefit of Business Intelligence. You may not be fortunate enough to have a friend like Raghav, but with a little foresight and the desire to find the right solution, your business (and your career) could definitely experience a change for the better!