Surprise, Surprise! WordPress Has Joined the Party for SME CMS Sites!


The success of WordPress proves the premise that publishing and content management have passed out of the hands of a few major publishing companies and large enterprises and into the hands of independent writers, small businesses, special interest experts and bloggers of every stripe and background. The ease with which one can create and publish content in WordPress ensures that writers and small businesses can supply fresh content and information to readers and customers.Today’s rapidly changing technology market has driven WordPress and other software providers and developers to create more innovative, eye-catching, intuitive designs and sites to attract and retain readers, customers and all manner of site visitors.


WordPress is always releasing new themes and that is just one of the reasons there is so much interest in this framework for blogs, small business sites and specialty sites. But, WordPress isn’t just for independent bloggers or sole proprietors anymore! Business managers would do well to recognize that the WordPress framework is growing in popularity among developers and business owners. New partnerships with Getty (for image support) and others, and global developer events have made WordPress more popular among SMEs.

WordPress Developers can use templates, themes and plug-ins to customize and build a site that suits the needs of a business. As WordPress builds its tools and templates and adds translation and other features, it becomes more attractive as a developer-friendly and consumer-friendly framework. Today, businesses are considering WordPress for every type of content management, web site, social media and product and service use.

For a business or individual that requires something simple, WordPress tools provide a great opportunity to fulfill their vision. For businesses that wish to create or upgrade a site and attract visitors and customers, an expert WordPress developer can help the company achieve its vision, quickly and easily.

As the worldwide community of developers expands, the WordPress organization has recognized the need for educational events, information sharing and product announcements and upgrades. This process helps WordPress to anticipate the needs of developers and customers, and engage in an ongoing dialogue with IT professionals.

While WordPress may not be the best CMS solution for every customer seeking a framework for internal or external use, it is worth including this solution in a list of possible vendors. Gather detailed requirements and explore the possibility of using an expert WordPress developer to design, develop, configure and implement a solution to meet your needs. You may be surprised at the depth and breadth of the WordPress solution and its capabilities. WordPress developers can leverage the framework to create custom themes, or more complex configuration, and provide a framework within which your enterprise can easily update and change content.