What is Device Mesh Trend Predicted by Gartner?

At the end of 2015, Gartner released a list of top industry trends that will come in 2016. The list comprised ten things all related to digital technology, trends and security. The emphasis was expansion of the industry in new or revamped ways that will lead everything. Here are the ten trends that Gartner enlisted:
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My IT Consultant is My Best Friend

Why can't your IT consulting partner be like your best friend? Your best friend is always there to answer your call. When you are in trouble, your best friend helps you out. When you are having trouble making a decision, your best friend is the voice of wisdom. You can always count on your best friend to be on the other end of the phone when something important happens in your life. Imagine a world where your technology partner and IT consultant is 'always there for you'. Wouldn't that be great? Pick up the phone and get experienced, skilled assistance. Ask a question and get an answer. Imagine a world where your IT consultant fulfills promises and offers creative, informed solutions. Does your best friend care about you? Of course! Does your IT consultant or partner care about you? Are they really focused on your success and on providing you with the best support or do they just make empty promises
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5 Ingredients for a Successful Tech Start-up

Startups are popping up like mushrooms everyday, pretty much every startup has the same message. “We are a startup, we are in search of funding…“How wonderful will it be to get funding… the startups that get funded are celebrities. They do get exemplary treatments in the media circuits, suddenly they are news worthy materials. Of course they could be having something very serious and sincere, disruptive to market kind of service, by way of addressing immediate business or social problem. Whenever this happens, you will notice that several similar startups popup at every zone. They even book similar names. If FlipKart became famous, then there are so many others with names ending with the same old KART. Not many among them succeed and the ones that do succeed have some very common points that can be traced as a pattern. Here is a look at exactly five common aspects of successful start-up companies.
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So You Think You Have What It Takes to Succeed in Software Application Development?

Software Application Development can be a daunting prospect, especially if your business IT staff and IT department is not structured to accommodate custom development and/or is already overloaded with maintenance, support, upgrades and deployment projects.So, what is an overwhelmed business with software development dreams to do? Even if someone tells me that they have the in-house skills and software application developers, I advise them to look carefully at the project(s) and the detailed requirements. Your team may include web application developers and IT professionals with software application development experience, but in the current state of technology evolution, there are many hidden obstacles to successful software development.
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Software as a Service: Oxymoron or Splendid Invention?

There is software (that miraculous and sometimes maddening invention of programmers and developers that somehow manages, organizes and manipulates your most precious business and personal data). And there is service a word I have come to understand as having something to do with a business helping you by providing attention, expertise or products in exchange for a fee). But, can there really be something called Software as a Service? Yes! Software as a Service is a wonderful new(ish) invention that allows you to get all the features and functionality of a software package without all the headaches of implementation, installation, deployment, and maintenance and support. It can be accessed via the internet so you can use it from anywhere and, the best part is, someone else has to maintain and support it.
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