Flexible Offshore Software Delivery Model!

Do You Need a Great Offshore Software Development Team?
Offshore Software Development Needs a Global Delivery Model! We all hate those products and services that are designed as 'cookie cutter' with the assumption that the service provider just KNOWS what you need and will deliver that to you without any consideration for your actual requirements or the fact that your requirements may differ depending on the day, situation or location.
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5 Ingredients for a Successful Tech Start-up

Startups are popping up like mushrooms everyday, pretty much every startup has the same message. “We are a startup, we are in search of funding…“How wonderful will it be to get funding… the startups that get funded are celebrities. They do get exemplary treatments in the media circuits, suddenly they are news worthy materials. Of course they could be having something very serious and sincere, disruptive to market kind of service, by way of addressing immediate business or social problem. Whenever this happens, you will notice that several similar startups popup at every zone. They even book similar names. If FlipKart became famous, then there are so many others with names ending with the same old KART. Not many among them succeed and the ones that do succeed have some very common points that can be traced as a pattern. Here is a look at exactly five common aspects of successful start-up companies.
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