Elegant MicroWeb Joins BigCommerce Partner Program to Add Value for Online Retailers

Elegant MicroWeb Joins BigCommerce Partner Program Providing Customization, Technical Support and Software Integration for Online Retailers Elegant MicroWeb today announced it has joined the BigCommerce Partner Program to provide:
  • Theme design and integration
  • Store redesign, including responsive design
  • Store setup, application development
  • Technical support
  • Shopping cart customization
  • Product catalog
  • Import and related management
  • Integration with social media
  • BigCommerce integration with ERP
  • Tax calculation systems
  • Fulfillment systems
  • Credit verification systems and more.
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Genesys of Bigcommerce

  EM: Hi There MH: Hey ASL? EM: Drop that…the Online Shopping is gross :( MH: Really? We are friends of chat so let’s set right EM: Serious..? Let’s solve the small ecommerce issues MH: Done…Let’s do Bigcommerce. Don’t get nostalgic about yahoo chat rooms… the transcript above is for real & this is how its inception took place in a chat room by Eddie Machaalani/EM & Mitchell Harper/MH in 2009@Australia.
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