EM: Hi There

MH: Hey ASL?

EM: Drop that…the Online Shopping is gross 🙁

MH: Really? We are friends of chat so let’s set right

EM: Serious..? Let’s solve the small ecommerce issues

MH: Done…Let’s do Bigcommerce.

Don’t get nostalgic about yahoo chat rooms… the transcript above is for real & this is how its inception took place in a chat room by Eddie Machaalani/EM & Mitchell Harper/MH in 2009@Australia.


Bigcommerce is privately held across USA & Australia as a company developing e-commerce software solutions.

Let’s do a quick walkthrough for all that it offers:

It has an integrated website builder feature which then hosts Secure Shopping cart. The Product catalog is what acts as decision-point for customers to add to their cart. This is further enabled by Secure Payment gateway. With Inherent marketing tools e.g. Discount/Coupon Codes/Social Media Integration/ Newsletters/Automated customer lists etc., Reports & Analytics features and finally the Mobile-compatible store frontend offered.

Bigcommerce facilitates a SEO feature to improve search rankings thus incoming traffic routed to online portal/store of client. It almost makes the product portfolio of client omnipresent with its ability to showcase right from eBay to FB & Shopzilla.

Special considerations have been taken to allow ease of Payment Gateway setup options e.g. Paypal, Mastercard while meticulously securing the transactions including compliance with PCI DSS even.

It offers a high aesthetically intuitive templating via themes including flexibility to customize the portfolio by clients. Topping it up is the best in class 24×7 Support for clients.

Bigcommerce is offered at three levels of pricing structure; Standard, Plus and Enterprise starting from as low as about 30 USD/month.

Bigcommerce University section on the website assists to understand, learn & put to practice the fundamentals to build then launch an online store including nitty-gritty of logistics, regulatory compliance, and taxation also.

It earlier assisted clients with domain name registration but this feature is not available as of now.

Working with Bigcommerce ensures some advantages are delivered to your business. If you need the work to be done right, you will want to talk with our team. It’s all about setting things right, after all!

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Original Source – Genesys of Bigcommerce