Business Intelligence Ad-Hoc Reporting is Sandy’s Dream Come True

My friend Sandy told me how difficult it is to get a report out of her business intelligence solution. She turns over the requirements to a data scientist or a programmer and waits days for the report. The resulting report is hard to read and the data is out-of-date, incomplete or unclear.



My BI tool lets me create ad-hoc reports quickly and without the assistance of a programmer or data analyst. My team acts as citizen data scientists, uncovers opportunities and finds the root cause of a problem. I can see trends and predict results, with drag and drop, graphical analysis, and cross-tab analysis. I can point-and-click and drag-and-drop and instantly create a report to summarize performance metrics, or operational data, in a self-serve environment without programming, database or SQL skills.

The analytics offers a 360 degree view of multi-dimensional data with ad-hoc queries and BI reporting and a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through. I can take advantage of complex data operations, time series functions, filters and custom column expressions engine, and pivot tables and OLAP analysis in an easy-to-use, browser-based environment –anywhere, at anytime!

I have interactive visual mining and an easy to use interface that is multi-dimensional, highly interactive, and provides plenty of visualization options, data operations, properties and chart types so that data is presented in the most effective way. I can visualize data using a variety of chart types including simple pie charts and bar charts as well as complex radar, bubble, histograms and doughnut charts, and interactively manipulate data with eye-catching, stunning visualization on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Is that so hard? No. It isn’t. It didn’t take long to convince Sandy, either! If you want all of that, talk to the experts: Ad Hoc, Cross-Tab BI Reporting

Original Source – Sandy’s New Business Intelligence Ad-Hoc Reporting