Tally on Mobile is Your Secret Weapon!

Tally in Mobile App Increases Access and Productivity!

Tally continues to grow in popularity and it recently released new features in Tally ERP 9 to streamline data entry and uploading, allow for easier export of files and more. As this solution evolves, perhaps one of the most popular upgrades and changes has been the added mobile access to the Tally app. Tally on Mobile allows users to access important tools from the road and to work after hours from home or another location without losing productivity or data sharing capabilities.



Using Tally in Mobile provides near real-time access so users are able to capitalize on the latest information to make decisions, report, share data and analyze results. Whether your users want Tally for Android or Tally for iOS, a Tally app for mobile is suitable for your mobile device or smart phone.

Here’s the way it works: The on-premises Tally installation is connected to the Tally desktop application, and the desktop application connects to a secured cloud server to push the data at a predefined frequency. A native mobile app then communicates with the cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports and all interaction and transactions are secure.

The Tally Mobile App offers many benefits to the Tally user and the organization. Contact Us today and let us help you discover the expanded value of the Tally App for Mobile.

Original Post: Tally on Mobile is Your Secret Weapon!