Yes, There IS Tally on Mobile! Get it Today!

Does Tally Have a Mobile App?

Tally users are a dedicated bunch. They do love their Tally solution and they are loathe to be without it. But, the desktop application is not accessible to them on the road, and that is a problem. This application has become critical to the day-to-day function and decisions of many organizations and users depend on the data contained within the app to make decisions.



Now, there is the Tally Mobile App and that has definitely changed things for users who are often on the road, out of the office in meetings or working from home. A mobile app for Tally offers numerous benefits to your organization and its users.

For the organization – The enterprise can leverage its investment for better return on investment (ROI) and a more productive environment. The IT team can enable user access and ensure security of data and user information, and senior managers can achieve timely reporting and answers to critical questions for strategic issues. Tally Mobile App can support multi-company data.

For business users – Tally on mobile ensures that users have dependable access to critical Tally data and Tally dashboards, in near real time on mobile devices, from anywhere. Users can extend the office environment to work productively from the road, the office or home with information at their fingertips. The Mobile App for Tally is suitable for Android and iOS so users have the convenience of using any type of device.

You may also wish to marry Tally accounting and finance functionality with business intelligence features, so your business users can leverage this functionality. Business Intelligence for Tally is integrated with Tally features in a cost-effective, user-friendly environment to provide analytical features and personalized dashboards, as well as the ability to share data and encourage Social BI, sophisticated reporting and other features to support IT, business users and managers alike.

If your organization truly values the Tally solution and wants to extend its use of the app and its workforce access, you can end the frustration now!

Contact Us today to find out how to get the mobile app for Tally for your organization. Tally on Mobile is dependable and can be used at anytime, anywhere for complete flexibility.

Original Post: Yes, There IS Tally on Mobile! Get it Today!