Tally Mobile App Improves Productivity!

The Mobile App for Tally Gives Users Access and Makes Them More Productive!

Tally® Mobile App is the access point for mobile users to leverage features and functionality of the Tally dashboard by connecting to the Tally desktop.



Today’s team members are on the road and working outside the office on a regular basis. The Mobile App for Tally makes users more productive by giving them access to accounting, payroll, finance-related features and allowing users to browse reports and access data through Basic BI Tools for decision-making and day-to-day tasks and activities.

Tally on mobile capitalizes on the popularity of the Tally solution and enables users to access previously unavailable data and information via a connection to the Tally desktop application via iOS and Android, and users can access information online and offline with near real-time data access and access to multi-company data. Users can get a snapshot of key indicators like cash balance, bank balance, receipts, payments, stock inward and outward, payables and receivables.

Tally Mobile App improves productivity and connects your enterprise from inside and outside the walls of the organization, Contact Us today and let us help you discover the expanded value of your Tally solution.

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