Can My Business Access Tally On the Road?

Does Your Organization Use the Tally Solution? How About a Tally Mobile App?

If you are a Tally user, you know that you and your team love Tally, and the inherent power of the features and functionality and the reporting capabilities can support your organization with valuable information, and help you report on and understand day-to-day issues and operational and strategic issues.



If you are NOT a Tally user, you may wish to consider this popular solution for your organization. Tally is on on-premises accounting solution (aka a desktop software application) that is very popular among small and medium sized businesses. It has features that support accounting, finance, inventory and purchasing, sales, banking, manufacturing, job and project costing, point of sale (POS) payroll and other functions. It is beneficial for business users and for managers and provides numerous reporting options.

If your users are often on the road or out of the office and you need to extend access to valuable Tally tools outside the desktop environment, you will be pleased to know that there is a Tally Mobile App that can solve this problem. Tally dashboards are now accessible from anywhere at any time. Tally on mobile devices is flexible and accessible from iOS and Android devices alike, so there is no restriction on your user access. Access is secured so data and users are protected.

Your users will have access to Receivables and Payables, Budgets and Controls, Groups, Ledgers, Cost and Profit Centers, Fund and Cash Flow, Interest Calculations, and more, all conveniently presented and managed via mobile devices, so there is no lost productivity.

You may also wish to consider the integrated functionality of BI tools to combine the Tally functionality with business intelligence features, so your business users can take advantage of this functionality as well. Business Intelligence for Tally is easy to implement, requires little to no training, and provides analytical features and expanded, reporting and business intelligence features to support IT, business users and managers alike.

Tally on Mobile will benefit your users and your organization. If you want more information on the Mobile App for TallyContact Us today to find out more.

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