A Tally Mobile App Ensures Access From Anywhere, at Anytime!

What Can Your Team Do with a Tally Mobile App?

If you and your enterprise use accounting software, you are probably very familiar with Tally. This popular solution is the foundation for accounting and financial tasks and it has many useful features like ad-hoc data mining and visualization. Every enterprise today struggles with the need for immediate access to critical tools. For those on the road, working from home or jumping from one device to another, it can be frustrating to lose secured access to Tally when you need to complete tasks, create reports or make decisions.



For the business that wants full access to Tally dashboards, its features and data AND access to tools to gather, clarify, analyze, report and share data, it is important to have a mobile app that provides all of this functional You can give your users online and offline access to critical tools and data from Tally.

Mobile App for Tally can give you on-premises Tally installation, connected to the Desktop App and a connection from the Desktop App to a secured cloud server to push data at a predefined frequency. A native mobile app communicates with the cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports and all interaction and transactions are secure.

What if your business users could leverage Tally on Mobile devices to manage and monitor results? Given the right tools, you can easily implement a performance driven culture and be ready to take on the market with accurate, clear data and reports that will help you analyze and plan at the strategic, operational and tactical level from ANY device, at any time.

If your business needs to combine Tally functionality with business intelligence features, your business users can leverage this functionality as well. Business Intelligence for Tally provides value-add analytical features and expanded, personalized reporting with drill-down, drill-through, deep dive analytics, forecasting and planning, KPIs and more to support data democratization initiatives and business users and managers alike.

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Original Post: A Tally Mobile App Ensures Access From Anywhere, at Anytime!