If you have BI Tools and you have business users who are expected to use these BI tools, you may be frustrated! Are your users struggling to understand a complex system, or are they restricted by dashboards created by IT to satisfy their needs? Is your data integration incomplete or inaccurate. Maybe you think you need business intelligence solution training for business users to become power users.


If any one of these issues sound familiar, you are not optimizing your BI tools OR your business users. Yet, your enterprise probably holds your team members accountable for results. So, how do you solve this problem? Well, it isn’t as difficult as it may sound. If you can get your hands on a truly mobile, self-serve BI tool, you can solve all of these problems and more.

Business users who are given easy-to-use, sophisticated BI features and solutions can discover new and creative ways for data discovery and can create and share reports, alerts and other information and drill down and through data that is integrated from all enterprise sources, without the help of an IT staff member or a data scientist. They can actually become CITIZEN DATA SCIENTISTS and all without a lot of expense, time or training. Imagine how happy and productive your business users will be if you can give them predictive analysis and forecasting, balanced scorecards, KPIs, personalized dashboards and alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis and true performance management? If that sounds good to you, get started with the experts and give your business users true data discovery with great ROI and TCO. Data Discovery for Business Users

Original Source – True Data Discovery Can Transform Business Users into Citizen Data Scientists