While eCommerce markets change daily and social media and web sites explode into the eCommerce stratosphere, a software vendor in Austin, TX has rather quietly taken the eCommerce market by storm. Volusion has forged partnerships, released software development kits (SDKs) and launched new features, making it easier than ever for even small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to enter and conquer markets with products and services and an integrated sales platform that allows customers to browse and buy on mobile and desktop platforms.Recently, Volusion targeted enterprise customers with its new product, designed to provide a unified shopping experience for online sales, mobile access, and retail sites. While Volusion originally targeted small and medium sized (SME) businesses, it is now making a play for larger businesses with a Mozu platform. The Volusion large enterprise market entry makes it easier for big companies to provide fresh content and utilize new features and partner products to improve payment gateways, provide online chat, expand product catalogs, launch related blogs and leverage other upsell opportunities like social media marketing and sales.


The recent release of software development kits (SDKs) will greatly assist Volusion developers in creating native, mobile eCommerce applications for Android, iOS and other devices. These SDKs are part of the overall Mozu platform launch and will make it feasible for developers to product native applications and engage in responsive web design and adaptive web design for eCommerce sites. As Volusion already supports SDKs or Java, PHP, and Javascript, these new additions will provide broader support for developers and businesses wishing to launch a Volusion site.

Expert Volusion developers can leverage Volusion features to provide marketing tools, ensure appropriate security and site management, provide product comparison features, product options and photos, and launch social and mobile eCommerce initiatives. The business can integrate the checkout process, provide stock management and live package tracking, implement SEO and internet marketing campaigns, integrate the site with tax systems, and customize navigation, layouts, shopping carts and themes for consistent corporate branding and image.

Volusion currently claims over 40,000 online eCommerce sites and they are still growing. While their foray into the large enterprise market is still in its early stages, there is no doubt that its approach to partnerships and the ever-expanding release of new tools and features that encourage and support integration and innovation will help Volusion and its customers to grow and improve the bottom line.