Do You Want Your eCommerce Growth to Explode?

Why does an eCommerce or online shopping business need analytics? After all, eCommerce is exploding. There is no limit to what a business can do! Some of what you just read is true. Some of it isn’t! If you are thinking you don’t need analytics because eCommerce is guaranteed to succeed, you need to recalibrate your strategy.

Yes, eCommerce is exploding. Yes, eCommerce can provide revenue and growth. BUT, this market is more competitive than ever and, without analytics, your business is walking in the dark. You put products online and you hope for the best and when customers do not buy, or a product is not popular, you wonder why. There are plenty of reporting tools and simple analytics available to help out but what the business really needs is a more comprehensive view of customers, products and sales. You need to understand sales trends and patterns and gain insight into what is selling, who is buying and why. You need to assess marketing campaigns, price points, customer value and customer cohorts and establish meaningful targets.

Your business needs to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) that will give you clear results and tell you where you need to tweak your strategy and what is working.

BUT, you don’t want a tool that requires your business users to learn new, complicated software or to be data scientists with the skill to perform complex analytics. You need something that will easily integrate with your eCommerce solution and provide pre-built templates and reports to satisfy user needs.

If you are a Shopify user, you can Integrate Shopify With Augmented Analytics, and provide users and your business managers with the tools they need to compete and succeed, AND you can enjoy a free trial to evaluate the solution and determine the business benefits. Find out more about Shopify eCommerce analytics in our article, Are You Succeeding at eCommerce? If You Don’t Know, You NEED Integrated Analytics.’

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