Case Study - Smarten Augmented Analytics OEM Partnership for Pharma ERP Vendor in India

This Partner has been in business in India since 1988 and is a pioneer in Pharma software. The Partner has more than 1800 end users ranging from chemists to bulk drug manufacturers. The Partner develops ERP for the Pharmaceutical sector in India to enable management of functions like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Supply etc


Partner required augmented analytics and reporting capability integrated with its ERP solution and wished to engage in an OEM partnership to provide the foundation for these new products and service offerings for its end users. Partner wished to provide easy-to-use dashboards for use by all of its end users using the Partner ERP solution. Smarten provided a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools, e.g., sales performance analytics, out–of-stock situations analysis, stock  management, purchase management – all as interactive self-serve reports, including dashboards, KPIs, Graphical Analysis and more.