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Bill Somervail

Bill Somervail, SCS Direct Limited

"I would like to thank Elegant MicroWeb for their creation and support of our Webcount System, which has now been live and kept SCS Direct ahead of its competitors for 7 years, helping us provide instant counts to our customers in the Direct Marketing Industry. We would recommend Elegant MicroWeb for development and support to company wishing to benefit from an interactive website the way we have. "


Susan Obijiski, Business Consultant

“After months of struggling with a WordPress business site and numerous emails and phone calls to my domain host company, I engaged Elegant MicroWeb in the process. They analyzed the issues and systematically worked with me to resolve every problem. The staff was responsive. When they said they would get back to me, they did – on time and with the right answers! I strongly recommend EM for its technical and functional knowledge and its dedication to customer satisfaction.”


Jacquelyn Dixon, NSW, Australia

"Being dubious about off shoring my website updates, I tested the waters with a home page overhaul for  While a reasonably minor job, I was delighted with the ease and speed with which Elegant MicroWeb made the changes and improved the look. I then required a complete overhaul and some customized work for another website  Once again, I have been delighted with the results, ease of communication and speed at which the work was performed. I am happy for anyone to contact me should they wish to verify my comments."


Jim Sproat, Community People Limited

"You can tell when a strategic supplier truly understands your business and your needs: he takes your brief, your product requirements and he makes that specification much better than you imagined. Elegant Micro Web have done that for us since day one - five years ago! Without our strategic alliance with Elegant Micro Web I doubt if CommunityPeople would have become the Number 1 supplier of eDemocracy and eConsultation solutions. If your need is for service, imagination, creativity and value, use Elegant!"


Jonathan Russell, Perform World

“Perform World, a provider of performance measurement and benchmarking software to major share services organisations, have utilised Elegant MicroWeb’s development services for over 7 years in order to create our innovative web based software tools. We would have no hesitation in recommending Elegant MicroWeb for similar types of business software development and have always been pleased with their professional approach and the high level of quality in the delivery of our solutions.”

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