eCommerce Volusion Volition

Volusion shopping cart

I’m a wordsmith of sorts and, as soon as I discovered Volusion, I thought of the word ‘volition’. Volition means ‘an act of choosing’, and choosing Volusion for custom eCommerce apps is a smart move!With Volusion™ you can create a powerful online store, shopping cart and web store environment using marketing tools, social and mobile features, security tools, enhanced image display, unlimited product options and photos, product comparison features, integrated check-out, stock management, live package tracking and management tools. Developers can create powerful, feature-rich ecommerce solutions and websites or a simple shopping cart.


BADA Bing, BADA Boom!


“What do you know about BADA,” my CTO asked. “I know it precedes the words ‘bing’ and ‘boom’,” I replied. Who knew that BADA is the embodiment of a Samsung mobile device platform that lets you do custom development for apps with 3D graphics and multi-touch capability with really fast, dependable performance?

OK, OK…so maybe you knew but I certainly didn’t so I found myself an expert technology consultant to help me navigate the BADA world! They told me that BADA supports Flash and has numerous UI and sensor controls, push notification and SNS integration. The UI supports face detection, fine tuned vibration, motion sensing and web controls and can be customized for a specific user experience.