“What do you know about BADA,” my CTO asked. “I know it precedes the words ‘bing’ and ‘boom’,” I replied. Who knew that BADA is the embodiment of a Samsung mobile device platform that lets you do custom development for apps with 3D graphics and multi-touch capability with really fast, dependable performance?

OK, OK…so maybe you knew but I certainly didn’t so I found myself an expert technology consultant to help me navigate the BADA world! They told me that BADA supports Flash and has numerous UI and sensor controls, push notification and SNS integration. The UI supports face detection, fine tuned vibration, motion sensing and web controls and can be customized for a specific user experience.


With BADA, you can leverage social networking, content management, scheduling, calendars, commercial applications, location services and device synchronization.

The Samsung SmartPhone platform SDK includes developer tools, an APS library, testing and bug detection features and a Test Framework simulator for unit and stress testing of new applications. Developers can submit apps for certification on BADA products. Developer tools include auto scaling so programmers can scale applications to WVGA and WQVGA resolution.

That’s a lot to absorb. I think I need a double shot of espresso. BADA Bing! BADA Boom, indeed. But, before I go, let me give you some advice. Whether you need BADA application development for C++, web or graphical applications, or other BADA custom apps, you should find an experienced vendor to help you create the perfect BADA application. If you have have any question regarding BADA or other mobile apps, do drop a line to