Sometimes, the meaning of a word changes when the spelling changes. ‘Be’ or ‘Bee’, for example. I’ll take some license and say that the word ‘droop’ is not associated with good things, while the word ‘Drupal’ means good stuff to technology folk!

Drupal is an open source web–based content management framework, distributed for General Public License. With Drupal you can organize and publish content on a web site for easy, timely content management. Drupal provides the functionality of a structured content management system, using a modular approach that enables unlimited customization.


You can incorporate and display web site content using data from databases and developers can map and retrieve specific information from these databases and present information on the web site as it is requested by the user via browser. You can design with site settings to allow interactivity. Users can post comments, and administrators can control the site and approve comments and additions. These tools are flexible so they are perfectly suited for use in blogs, group collaboration and other web sites with public traffic.

I can think of dozens of ways to use Drupal: community web portals, corporate sites, directories, blogs, social networking, eCommerce, intranets, forums, message boards, collaboration, newsletters, galleries, and more!

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