Let’s talk delivery models! No, I’m not talking about attractive people who drop off packages at your place of business. I’m talking about Technology Delivery Models.

Your vendor offers a wide range of technology services, including development, support, service, consulting, quality processes, and excellent security standards! But, what about Delivery Models?

You need to stay on schedule and on budget, with well–tested, proven delivery methods and processes. And, your needs will change over time, so you need delivery models that offer staff and services for projects with finite deadlines and accommodate ongoing maintenance and support.


Offshore Delivery is ideal if you don’t have enough IT staff for a project and require skilled, responsive resources, and cost–effective scalability to achieve deadlines, and it’s suitable for support, or maintenance, or research projects. Offshore Delivery supplies resources quickly and affordably.

Onsite Delivery is perfect for repetitive or open–ended projects that require close coordination. Vendors will provide one or more dedicated professionals with appropriate skills, and remain onsite for a particular project phase, or for the entire project, as appropriate. Onsite Delivery leverages experience, skills and quality resources.

Hybrid Delivery combines offshore and onsite delivery to provide unique development, programming, project management, support or maintenance. You might require an onsite team during a particular project phase, while other tasks like feasibility, research, development, testing or support are performed offsite.

Whether you need offsite, onsite or hybrid delivery of services, you owe it to yourself to find the best available vendor with proven global delivery models. Do drop a mail at info@elegantmicroweb.com to know more…