Is Internet Marketing a Luxury or a Necessity?


Does anyone remember what business was like before the advent of the internet? If you are under the age of forty, you probably answered ‘no’ to that question. The internet has changed business in more ways than I can list. Today, there is no way to avoid the integration of internet marketing with your marketing programs. If you fail to include search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click and internet marketing techniques in your business strategy, you can’t compete in your market – whether that market is local, regional or international. Your customers are sophisticated in the use of technology and they expect you to meet them where they live. That means you have to meet them on the internet!Internet Marketing uses cutting-edge technologies to create a virtual world that is flexible, fast and intuitive and can engage and retain clients by offering content, games, tools, polls, surveys, events, and product and services to meet the needs of a specific customer.


CMS and Portals – One Stop Collaboration for Multi-Site Organizations


Content Management System(CMS) and Portals can provide important business support for every type of company but, perhaps no business can benefit more from CMS than a business with multiple locations. Whether you have locations across town or around the world, a well-designed, flexible CMS site or portal can turn chaos into collaboration.

With CMS, you can share business-to-business and consumer information, or provide a productive, collaborative environment for employees, suppliers, partners, contractors and managers. CMS and portals can satisfy even the most complex company requirements. When combined with practical, expert web design, a CMS framework can increase your company revenue, promote additional website traffic and improve productivity for your enterprise.