Four Success Factors for CMS Projects


If you have been working in a small or large organization for any length of time, you are no doubt familiar with Content Management Systems (CMS), and their value. CMS brings people and tasks together for information sharing and collaboration, and it is an important part of the environment. It increases productivity and improves the quality of decisions.


Genesys of Kentico


Dobre’ Den…Supra!!

Czech-to-English: Greetings, it’s Amazing!!

This is what the Kentico founder Petr Palas’ sought when he founded this company at Brno; a beautiful city in Czech Republic in 2004.

Kentico CMS was developed by Kentico Software as a comprehensive WCMS/Web Content Management System to catalyze e-commerce by enhancing creation of Websites, On-line stores, Intranets & Web 2.0 community sites. Interestingly, Kentico CMS supports development by aid of its portal engine as well as Visual Studio… indeed a treat for developers.


Umbraco, the little guy who hits a home run every time!


Imagine watching a baseball game, with the players all well kempt and suddenly you notice among them a little kid who is just too small, out of the ordinary, has a running nose and then you notice that crowd is actually cheering for that small guy, whilst the rest of big guys on the field, in spite their cool looks reserved attitude are begrudgingly acknowledging the little kids as he runs along towards them, stands in their league….That little kid could be what Umbraco is among the big names like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Well, going back to the scenario involving the little kid….


The Price is Right: Liferay CMS


Liferay got created when gods got upset with the general lack of a quality enterprise class CMS. Liferay is a world class Enterprise Content Management framework that allows you to build apps, portlets among many useful, business purpose solutions.

To start with, Liferay is a Portal, a web platform, a CMS, a social collaboration, enterprise 2.0 supportive environment that many of the top companies in the world use.

This can be made in to a product, a solution, a intranet, a knowledge management portal among many, many useful applications for business.

The business potency of Liferay is enormous and hence is among the most desired enterprise class solutions in the world today.

As part of our Price is right study in CMS, we cannot exclude top tier solutions such as Liferay and still find the study to be complete.


Miss Betty Says: What’s the Big Deal about Content Management?


Last week, my friend, Betty asked me a shocking question. “What’s the big deal about content management?”I nearly choked on my cheeseburger! After all, Content Management Systems are king. If you don’t think so, consider this. Your business must produce and sustain fresh content; interesting content; well organized, well-conceived content for every type of online presence. Whether you sell services or products, whether you have a shopping cart, a media or association site, a software product, a game, or a social media presence, content is very important to your business bottom line.

Take my company, for example. We use Content Management Systems (CMS) to manage our team collaboration and file taxonomy for documents. We also use it to manage our partner and supplier sites, as well as content for our events, products, PR, and other critical information.


Critical Considerations for Content Marketing Success – Part II


This two-part series focuses on the factors you must consider in order to create a successful content marketing program. Part I of this article series focused on strategy, expectations, funding and resources. This article will focus on promotion, and target audience.If your content marketing initiative isn’t working for you, you are not alone! While nearly 95% of small businesses and business-to-business companies have content marketing programs, many organizations are falling short of their goals. In fact, less than 10% of companies surveyed were happy with the results of their programs.

So, why are companies still investing in these initiatives? Because, every business manager knows that content marketing is important to their success. They just don’t know how to go about establishing a successful program.


8 Great Plug-Ins for WordPress Development


WordPress is enjoying immense popularity among bloggers, small business owners, media sites, and just about every other business with Content Management System (CMS) needs. Whether you are designing your own simple WordPress site or employing the services of a WordPress and CMS expert to design a site to meet more complex requirements, there are a number of plug-ins available to make life easier for you and for your IT staff and consultants.The WordPress third-party development community is very active and there are many valuable plugins, themes and other tools to help your business. Here are a few of the plugins you may wish to consider to improve the function, expand the features and ensure the security of your WordPress site.


What’s an Umbraco? It Just Might Be Your Solution to Content Management


Today’s content management systems (CMS) are far more sophisticated than the CMS systems of old. Small and large business enterprises have found many uses for CMS frameworks and platforms – far surpassing the simple document management solutions of past decades. If your business wishes to leverage the new CMS solutions for eCommerce, blogs, consumer or employee portals, media outlets or other business sites or solutions, it may wish to consider the Umbraco open source content management system.