WordPress 4.0 and Beyond. A Framework and Market Worth Exploring


There are many appealing features in the WordPress framework and the WordPress developers recently released a 4.0 version that has enhanced some features and added others.

A 4.0.1 WordPress release addressed critical security issues and closes the gap through which anonymous users could compromise a site. We anxiously await the next generation of WordPress tools and the announcement of strategic market expansion.

There are many appealing features in the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress framework and the WordPress developers recently released a 4.0 version that has enhanced some features and added others.


Lonnie Lost the WordPress Blues!


If you are an IT pro, or a blogger, you may know WordPress. It’s a very popular framework for content management systems (CMS), media sites, and even eCommerce. But, here’s the deal…you may have heard that, with the hundreds of WordPress themes, and easy dashboard interface, WordPress development is easy. And, for a simple application, that is often true. But, my friend, Lonnie can tell you what happened to him. He started simply and, as many small businesses do, his site and requirements grew and soon he was dealing with interoperability, upgrades, new widgets, a site redesign and new theme, and a variety of thorny issues that took up all his time and patience.

Lonnie had a business to run, and what he really needed was someone to redesign, upgrade and recommend tools and widgets and incorporate, monitor and manage on an ongoing basis.With a little help from his friend (me), Lonnie put his WordPress site in the hands of experts and focused on core competencies. His site is competitive, easy to navigate, generates traffic, is easy to update with fresh content, integrates with social network sites, AND is affordable.


Get CMS at the Speed of Light with Liferay Portal Experts


Liferay Portal is not a deep space transmutation Device! It is a framework to create websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. The Liferay Portal can simplify the work and user experience, and is easily customized to cater to specific preferences and needs.

Liferay works with all operating systems, databases and application servers and it has over seventy (70) tools to help you customize and set-up your portal, content, collaborative process, etc. But, as my friend, Debbie recently learned, you definitely want to find the right partner to help you get the most out of Liferay and navigate the space/time continuum so you can get where you want to go.

My friend Debbie works for a media company and her IT team selected Liferay Portal to manage content, which was a great choice. What wasn’t such a great choice was trying to use the internal team to manage the design, development and implementation. But, let’s not talk about Debbie’s sad story.


CMS for Smart (and Lucky) Professionals


My team recently took on the task of selecting a Content Management System (CMS) framework that would bring together our back-end content for collaboration and information. In addition to that requirement, our management team wanted a CMS to compile information online for our customers to find and use information about our services and products. This project was important to the company and we needed to get it done quickly, effectively and affordably.BUT…where to start? I heard the names: WordPress, Liferay Portal, Joomla, Drupal, JBoss Portal, dotCMS, Umbraco, and Microsoft SharePoint, but which framework was right for us? Would we need more than one solution to satisfy employee needs and the needs of our customers?


CMS Doesn’t Mean ‘Carefully Manage Socks’

Content Management System

CMS is an acronym. Everyone knows that. But, CMS doesn’t mean ‘Call Me Sometime’, nor does it mean ‘Carefully Manage Socks’. CMS means Content Management Systems and if you are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a corporation, or if you are in marketing, human resources, or any other department or division that uses content to drive knowledge or to communicate, you know what CMS means to your business.

When you are planning to upgrade, migrate or create a CMS system, you need to employ an expert. You can use a CMS framework like Liferay, Umbraco, WordPress, Orchard or other frameworks to create your CMS site, but the services of expert CMS designers and developers will set your site apart from others and make it successful for team, customer, partner or supplier use.


WordPress is Not a Slam-Dunk! Pay Attention to Design and Planning and You Will Succeed!

WordPress 4.0 and Beyond

It is estimated that the WordPress framework is used in nearly 25% of the top ten million websites in the world. In February of 2014, it was reported that WordPress version 3.8 had been already been download by more than 20 million users. With its plug-in architecture and a popular template system, WordPress has become one of the most popular frameworks for small to medium businesses (SMEs) and specifically for Content Management Systems (CMS) and sites.While the free, professionally designed templates provide a great start for a business site, like most other technology projects, a WordPress project should not be considered a slam-dunk! If a business intends to use a WordPress site to attract and retain customers, it must consider and attend to a CMS WordPress implementation with the same attention to detail as any other technology or software project.