Today’s content management systems (CMS) are far more sophisticated than the CMS systems of old. Small and large business enterprises have found many uses for CMS frameworks and platforms – far surpassing the simple document management solutions of past decades. If your business wishes to leverage the new CMS solutions for eCommerce, blogs, consumer or employee portals, media outlets or other business sites or solutions, it may wish to consider the Umbraco open source content management system.


This solution is suitable for small sites and complex applications, alike. Umbraco developers, such as those that my company provides, can utilize the features and tools provided in this CMS framework and capitalize on the Umbraco template library to integrate custom design features and satisfy business requirements.

Because this open source solution is free of charge, a business can achieve a professional, attractive site using expert Umbraco development skills, stay within budget, and launch a CMS site quickly and effectively. Here are just a few of the technical and benefits your business will enjoy with an Umbraco CMS implementation.

  • Available, affordable Umbraco support licensing and packages
  • Compatible with Visual Studio, WebMatrix, Notepad++, Dreamweaver and other tools
  • Integrated web-Based editors to easily modify and update CMS sites
  • Support for XML, Flash, Silverlight and other dynamic content tools Content control
  • Separation of Customizer Widgets to make it easier to find and use the widgets.
  • Simple API tools
  • Full design and mark-up controls
  • Dependable site performance
  • Integrated .NET controls
  • Administrative tools
  • Search capability

For businesses that wish to redesign or migrate a site, expert developers can also provide Umbraco responsive design to make your CMS site compatible with mobile devices and disparate screen sizes.

If you are considering a transition to a new content management solution, the addition of a CMS solution to a portal or site or a blog, portal, or site redesign, you may wish to look at Umbraco and consider its open source, flexible features, templates and customization capabilities to your enterprise and user requirements. It is a worthy contender in the CMS market and offers numerous functional and technical benefits to your business.