Liferay as a CMS, Portal, Intranet Site, and Business Website?


If you haven’t heard of the Liferay Portal CMS solution, you may want to look into this popular web portal framework and consider its usefulness as a content management system (CMS), website solution or intranet application. Liferay has sixty plus tools and some rather innovative, interesting technologies that designers and developers can leverage to create simple or complex sites.

There are numerous reasons for the growing popularity of the Liferay Portal, not the least of which is the fact that Liferay can simplify the work and user experience and secondly, it is easily customized to satisfy specific preferences, and user requirements and business needs.


If You Want Great CMS Development, You Have to Go with the Experts!


What do you want in a Content Management System (CMS)? Content Management used to be reserved for document management and organization of folders but today, CMS Development can be used to organize sections of eCommerce sites, to reach out and leverage social media sites, to organize calendars, schedules and tasks or events on mobile devices, to serve communities and associations and support collaborative tasks, to provide online training and education, to organize blogs, forums, chats, polls, surveys, to establish and maintain a corporate or intranet portal and…well, you get the idea! There are lots of CMS Development frameworks and solutions out there (Liferay, Drupal, dotCMS, JBoss, Joomla, Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress and Umbraco, to name a few).


CMS and Portals – One Stop Collaboration for Multi-Site Organizations


Content Management System(CMS) and Portals can provide important business support for every type of company but, perhaps no business can benefit more from CMS than a business with multiple locations. Whether you have locations across town or around the world, a well-designed, flexible CMS site or portal can turn chaos into collaboration.

With CMS, you can share business-to-business and consumer information, or provide a productive, collaborative environment for employees, suppliers, partners, contractors and managers. CMS and portals can satisfy even the most complex company requirements. When combined with practical, expert web design, a CMS framework can increase your company revenue, promote additional website traffic and improve productivity for your enterprise.