If you haven’t heard of the Liferay Portal CMS solution, you may want to look into this popular web portal framework and consider its usefulness as a content management system (CMS), website solution or intranet application. Liferay has sixty plus tools and some rather innovative, interesting technologies that designers and developers can leverage to create simple or complex sites.

There are numerous reasons for the growing popularity of the Liferay Portal, not the least of which is the fact that Liferay can simplify the work and user experience and secondly, it is easily customized to satisfy specific preferences, and user requirements and business needs.


Some businesses use the out–of–the–box Liferay Portlets to quickly create and customize a CMS environment, a document management systems or a website. But for those business needs that are more complex, Liferay developers can leverage Liferay technology and the open source frameworks and technologies of many popular toolsets, suites and languages, as well as the large open source developer community, to meet the more sophisticated requirements of a business or its user or customer base.

The Liferay Portal framework can be combined with rich tools sets and frameworks on the Java platform to create an elegant, functional site that will attract and retain customers or encourage and enhance employee collaboration, information sharing and empowerment and accountability. Liferay developers can use the framework to create media portals, B2B and partner portals, community or association sites, customer-facing sites to sell products or services, or even training or event sites, or internal benefit sites for employees and team members. Liferay has the added benefit of great interoperability and an open standards architecture, so it will integrate easily with third party services and other systems and applications.

While some industry analysts have long predicted the demise of standard portal and collaborative tools, Liferay remains popular and has expanded its customer base and market, in spite of the new plethora of tools like Yammer, Apigee and MuleSoft. Advocates of Liferay, point to its open source architecture, its ease-of-use, security standards and integration capabilities, as reasons for its continued popularity and success. Those factors formed a foundation of stability and dependability and made believers out of a lot of customers and developers.

A business can leverage the Liferay portal development to create cross–platform access to data or sites that serve internal or external users. Liferay is growing quickly, and adding partnerships to provide support for access to other features and functionality. The company also provides new plug-ins, tools, ongoing support, and events for developer training.

If your business is looking for a solution to serve CMS, document management, intranet, corporate site or partner portal needs, Liferay is worthy of consideration.