Every enterprise, including small and medium sized companies, understands the value of business intelligence. True business intelligence can help an organization to acquire and retain customers, plan for new product and service initiatives, fix appropriate price points, integrate social media marketing campaigns with other marketing channels, understand and address the competition, budget and forecast for financial success and much more!However, the value of Business Intelligence can sometimes be lost in discussions about the cost of a BI solution, the resources needed to manage the system and the length of time it takes to implement and train users and to achieve ROI. In today’s new technology landscape, these issues are easy to address. If an enterprise takes the time to document and detail its requirements and to select an appropriate system, it can reap the benefits of business intelligence without breaking the bank and with relative ease and definitive success.


To get the most out of a business intelligence solution, the system has to be easy enough for every user, yet sophisticated enough to provide complex analysis, and accomplish tasks like forecasting, predictive analysis, custom, on-the-fly reporting, threshold alerts, etc. These systems can provide a wealth of information regarding consumers, suppliers, and marketplace needs. With minimal training, and a personalized dashboard environment that will flex to the role and needs of the user, every employee can monitor and manage information and contribute to the bottom line.

A mobile, affordable, easy-to-use business intelligence solution also gives users specific filtering, ranking, sorting and analysis so they can create better, more effective products, test assumptions with impact and sensitivity analysis and dependably forecast results.

In order to fully leverage the business intelligence contained within an organization, the BI solution must effectively integrate and display information and data from various databases, and from ERP, CRM and other best-of-breed and legacy systems, as well as other disparate data sources. This integrative capability will allow users to quickly see and analyze information without the burden of sorting through spreadsheets, databases and systems to cobble together an answer. If the solution is easy to use, the organization will not have to hire or use additional IT or analyst resources to satisfy the enterprise need for current, concise information. When a user is able to work on their own to compile, sort, filter, and analyze information and to create alerts and views that will keep them up to date, the enterprise can address issues before they become problems and employees can work in a true team environment – sharing and analyzing information quickly and effectively.

Every business must have a good understanding of how their programs, employees and activities are performing against goals and objectives. The evolution of Business Intelligence Tools has enabled true business assessment and performance management, for small, medium and large companies in every industry and market, by providing clear, concise results using data and information integrated from various sources that is presented in a way that clearly illustrates patterns, trends and problem areas that require attention. Furthermore, BI solution mobility is better now than it has ever been, so organizations can leverage a mobile workforce, using portable tools that will keep a team connected on the road and in the office, using any type of device.

The once daunting obstacles of cost, usability, and implementation time and user adoption no longer apply. If your enterprise is on the fence about business intelligence, or is looking to improve BI accessibility and open the borders of information access to every user, this is the time to seriously consider the new business intelligence solution environment. Improve competitive response and the quality and speed of decisions. Get your users involved and encourage accountability and empowerment. There is no reason to wait!