Easy Shopify Analytics with Sales Trends, KPIs and More!

You Need Not Spend a Lot of Time and Money to Get User Accessible Shopify Analytics!

When a small business (or a business of any size) decides they need analytics to assess the results of their eCommerce and online business, the IT and management teams may think it necessary to adopt and train users on a complex analytical tool and to plan for data integration in order to make information and analytics accessible to users. That idea may lead the business to provide access only to IT or analysts in order to limit the time and expense required to implement the solution and the techniques.

Here’s the Key to a Great Online Buying Experience for Users and Great Revenue for You!


The key to a great online buying experience is knowing your target audience and providing tools that enable:

  1. Users to browse and buy easily
  2. Sales to cross channels with online ordering and in-store pick-up
  3. Easy, fast online chat
  4. Reduced number of ‘abandoned sales’
  5. Mobile tools and responsive interface that are easy and fast to use
  6. Applications that work on all device screens and sizes, without diminishing the experience


Select the Right Solution & IT Partner for eCommerce to Target, Acquire & Retain Customers

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If your business is about to create, migrate or upgrade an eCommerce site, online store or shopping cart, it is critical to select the right solution – one that will satisfy all of your customer needs with elegant, sophisticated features and functionality. But, unless your business is expert in eCommerce software, it would be wise to employ the services of an IT eCommerce expert. A service provider with skill, knowledge and experience in the eCommerce domain and market and a comprehensive understanding of all available frameworks and solutions is worth their weight in gold!Selecting the right eCommerce design and development expert will help your business to achieve its goals and positively affect the bottom line. There are numerous benefits to a well-executed eCommerce strategy.


Ten Ways to Ensure Platinum eCommerce and Seamless Technical Support


With the rapid and persistent growth of web marketing and eCommerce solutions, even the smallest, local business owner must endure regional, and sometimes global, business competition. With a few keywords and a couple of minutes of web research, your customers can purchase products and services from companies located in your community, or on the other side of the world.
The business benefits of eCommerce websites and internet marketing are undeniable, and today’s flexible solutions, tools, frameworks and platforms can be used for many business purposes. The competitive local and world markets of today demand that every business, large or small, engage in eCommerce and use business websites, portals, online stores and internet marketing to reach new customers and improve sales and customer retention. But, building an integrated eCommerce presence with consistent corporate branding and accessibility across smart phones, tablets and desktops is an overwhelming prospect for some businesses. But it doesn’t have to be. Creating, migrating or upgrading an eCommerce site or shopping cart doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it have to take a year to implement and deploy.


eBay and Bigcommerce: A Partnership Made in eCommerce Heaven!


eBay recently announced a partnership with Bigcommerce, the eCommerce solution provider and, with this partnership comes the transition from eBay’s ‘Go’ product which targeted small businesses, and its eCommerce Magento software business, as well as its ProStores service which targeted small businesses that wanted to enter the eCommerce market.

The eBay partnership with Bigcommerce is a big step for both companies and one that will help eBay to target larger business customers and provide an ample market for Bigcommerce with increased attention from eCommerce developers, and IT consultants and service providers. With the Bigcommerce hosted platform and migration services, existing Go customers will enjoy a seamless migration and transfer, and new customers will enjoy stability and gain additional features and function for their eCommerce sites.