If you are an IT pro, or a blogger, you may know WordPress. It’s a very popular framework for content management systems (CMS), media sites, and even eCommerce. But, here’s the deal…you may have heard that, with the hundreds of WordPress themes, and easy dashboard interface, WordPress development is easy. And, for a simple application, that is often true. But, my friend, Lonnie can tell you what happened to him. He started simply and, as many small businesses do, his site and requirements grew and soon he was dealing with interoperability, upgrades, new widgets, a site redesign and new theme, and a variety of thorny issues that took up all his time and patience.

Lonnie had a business to run, and what he really needed was someone to redesign, upgrade and recommend tools and widgets and incorporate, monitor and manage on an ongoing basis.With a little help from his friend (me), Lonnie put his WordPress site in the hands of experts and focused on core competencies. His site is competitive, easy to navigate, generates traffic, is easy to update with fresh content, integrates with social network sites, AND is affordable.


Lonnie’s partners have a wealth of experience in the WordPress framework and in open source components and they have more than ten years of experience in PHP technology. They are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified, and skilled in search engine optimization, theme design, crucial security issues, responsive themes, technical support, plugins, design, development and implementation.

If you are looking for help with a new or redesigned WordPress site, go with the experts. They can help you with feasibility studies, migration, upgrades, eCommerce and CMS development, user acceptance testing and more!