Liferay Portal is not a deep space transmutation Device! It is a framework to create websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. The Liferay Portal can simplify the work and user experience, and is easily customized to cater to specific preferences and needs.

Liferay works with all operating systems, databases and application servers and it has over seventy (70) tools to help you customize and set-up your portal, content, collaborative process, etc. But, as my friend, Debbie recently learned, you definitely want to find the right partner to help you get the most out of Liferay and navigate the space/time continuum so you can get where you want to go.

My friend Debbie works for a media company and her IT team selected Liferay Portal to manage content, which was a great choice. What wasn’t such a great choice was trying to use the internal team to manage the design, development and implementation. But, let’s not talk about Debbie’s sad story.


Let’s talk about my friend, Arun. He chose a team of Liferay experts to help him with his project. This team has worked with the Liferay Portal framework and themes for several years and with the complementary Java technology frameworks and libraries for more than fifteen years. They worked with Arun’s team of product managers to design and build an association management portal, including a Central Administration module to manage associations, access rights, site policies, and tools, and personalized association pages for each association. Association managers manage events, users and activities, publish news and content and interact with users, and the site is integrated with a FaceBook API.

If you want to move at the speed of light, get a team of professionals: Liferay Portal Design